Shotgun Metagenome 2x150 Sequencing

2x150 paired-end sequencing data generated with Cloudbreak chemistry for shotgun metagenome libraries of ZymoBIOMICS microbial control samples. Library insert sizes were extended up to a median of 1.5kb in the largest library, allowing reads to span more complex genomic regions.


Libraries were prepared from ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Reference DNA (#D6305) and ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix Technology™ (#D6323). DNA was extracted from the ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference sample using the ZymoBIOMICS DNA Miniprep kit (#D4300) with lysis tubes vortexed for 40 minutes.

Libraries were prepared using the KAPA HyperPrep (#KK8504) with KAPA UDI adapters (#KK8727). Genomic DNA was sheared with a Covaris ME220 for 40 seconds, 30 seconds, or 5 seconds with specific double-sided size selection ratios to generate three different library sizes: “Medium”, “Large”, and “XL”. Libraries of all three sizes were generated for the ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Reference DNA sample, while “Large” and “XL” libraries were generated for the ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference sample. FASTQs were generated using Bases2fastq and downsampled to 10.5M, 21M, 50M, or 100M paired-end reads per sample with adapter trimming.


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