Human Whole-Exome Sequencing, Third Party (Cloudbreak Freestyle™)

Cloudbreak Freestyle chemistry was used to perform human whole-exome sequencing (WES) of reference genomic DNA (gDNA).  


The Twist Library Preparation Enzymatic Fragmentation (EF) Kit 2.0 was used to prepare precapture libraries from input of 50 ng of NA12878 gDNA. Eight replicates were simultaneously prepared with unique dual indexes (UDIs). 

Replicates were pooled equally and captured together using the Twist Exome 2.0 panel and Standard Hybridization v2 Protocol. Captured libraries were sequenced using Cloudbreak Freestyle chemistry on the AVITI™ System with a 2 x 75 read length. Bases2Fastq was used to generate FASTQ files. 


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