Application Note

Somatic and Germline Sequencing with Agilent and the AVITI™ System

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  • Agilent SureSelect workflows can be leveraged on the Element AVITI System without the need to redesign or optimize protocols
  • The throughput of the Element AVITI benchtop instrument enables sequencing of 48 whole exome sequencing (WES) samples per flow cell
  • Samples prepared with SureSelect library prep and enrichment reagents can be analyzed on the Element AVITI System generating high quality data for key metrics

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has advanced our understanding of human disease, in part by significantly improving the ability to investigate genetic variation in high-resolution. Through new and innovative applications, NGS continues to be integrated into routine workflows across thousands of research and translational laboratories, and more recently, in clinical research environments.

With an increasing need to support new use-cases, the sequencing community continues to search for platforms delivering improved performance, sensitivity, speed, and enabling a progressively more widespread adoption of NGS technology across genomic analysis sectors. Now, Agilent SureSelect library prep and target enrichment reagents and the Element AVITI System enable highly-sensitive detection of single-nucleotide, structural, and copy number variants, fusions, insertions, and deletions for essential NGS applications.

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